Vitamin Well

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Pure, non-carbonated, spring water with vitamins,minerals & plant extracts. Low in calories & only sweetened with natural fruit sugars. Each flavour has its own composition and functionality.

Low Calories
PET / 12 x 500ml
  • Hydrate (Rhubarb/Strawberry) *not vegan
    Hydrate (Rhubarb/Strawberry) *not vegan
  • Awake (Raspberry) *not vegan *Caffeine
    Awake (Raspberry) *not vegan *Caffeine
  • Defence (Citrus/Elderflower) *not vegan
    Defence (Citrus/Elderflower) *not vegan
  • Reload (Lemon/Lime) *not vegan
    Reload (Lemon/Lime) *not vegan
  • Care (Red Grapefruit) *vegan
    Care (Red Grapefruit) *vegan
  • Upgrade (Lemon/Cactus) *not vegan
    Upgrade (Lemon/Cactus) *not vegan
  • Refresh (Lemon/Kiwi) *vegan
    Refresh (Lemon/Kiwi) *vegan
  • React (Blackcurrant) *vegan *Caffeine
    React (Blackcurrant) *vegan *Caffeine
  • Protect (Mango/Ananas)*not vegan
    Protect (Mango/Ananas)*not vegan

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